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Development of High-Quality Websites

Development of high-quality websites: Creating impressive web projects

Developing reliable and functional websites of various complexities: from single-page websites and online stores to complex business websites.

Our goal is to create an outstanding product that will satisfy you.

Quality and performance are the main components of our motto.

Ordering a website from us is simple and convenient.

The cost of website development

Check out our core website development services:


Professional e-commerce website development to increase your sales and expand your market.

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The ideal way to present your business online with an efficient and stylish Business Website.

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Creating targeted landing pages that ensure high conversion rates and customer engagement.

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Creation of convenient and functional online stores for effective presentation of your products.

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Landing Page starts at $500

A landing page is created with the aim of effectively collecting contact information (leads) from your potential customers. This is the perfect solution if you have a specific short-term goal, as a landing page will meet the needs of your business and provide maximum efficiency.

Online store starts at $1000

It contains information about products or services, which can be viewed in the form of a catalog, usually with specifications, prices, and other details provided, allowing users to easily find and compare products.

Business website starts at $800

Typically, a business website is a web resource consisting of several pages that provide essential and informative details about your business or company. It is an excellent way to present important information about your activities, engage visitors, and attract the attention of potential partners.

E-commerce website starts at $2500

Creating an E-commerce website involves developing a web platform where customers can order products through a shopping cart, choosing convenient payment and delivery methods, which helps effectively sell your products online.

What will you get with the web agency U2WebHouse?

Responsive Website Design


Website Features


High Website Performance


Innovations and Technologies


U2WebHouse agency, with extensive experience in web development, is ready to meet your needs and exceed expectations. We strive to create premium-class products that remain highly affordable.

U2WebHouse experts will perform SEO optimization for your website to ensure its visibility in search engines. This way, your site will attract more visitors and improve its positions in search results. Additionally, you will receive a convenient control panel that allows you to easily manage your site’s content without extra effort.

By ordering website development from us, you will receive a solution that automates certain processes in your business and promotes monetization. We will create a functional website with high performance, ensuring user convenience for your visitors.

* To learn more about the cost of our website development services, you can do so by following this link.

Additionally, if you are interested in additional and related services, as well as their costs, associated with web development, connection, and configuration of third-party services, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our additional services and their prices by following this link.

Websites encompass

Elements that make a website significant: parameters and options

Adaptive website design

Adaptive website design

Responsive design for various devices and screens, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Integration with social networks

Integration with social networks

Interaction with the website through accounts on popular social media platforms.

API integration

API integration

Integration with external services to extend functionality and enable the website to interact with other systems.

Online payments and purchases

Online payments and purchases

We will configure and provide convenient and secure transactions for users.

Speed and performance

Speed and performance

Optimizing loading speed and improving performance to ensure efficient operation.

Multilingual websites

Multilingual websites

Users can view and interact with content in their native language, ensuring maximum convenience and experience.

Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface

Users instantly understand how to use the website without the need for additional explanations or training.

SEO optimized

SEO optimized

Websites optimized for search engines, which contributes to improved visibility and rankings in search results.

Key stages of cooperation

Sequence of steps to website development


You send us a request for website development, we contact you. You receive a qualified consultation from our side.
Step 01

Start of development

After the partial prepayment, we start the development according to the agreed-upon specifications and timeline.
Step 04

Terms agreement

Taking into account your requirements, we offer you options and agree on the budget. A brief is filled out for each project.
Step 02


The preliminary developed project is uploaded to your hosting for checking, making edits, and finalizing.
Step 05


We send you the contract and an invoice for a partial payment, which is a necessary condition to start the website development.
Step 03

Project launch

We launch your website, and after that, you pay the remaining amount according to the payment terms.
Step 06

Get a consultation

Our expert is ready to provide you with professional and detailed information regarding your project or any questions you may have.



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